Green. Just. Profitable. Urban Ingenuity is working to bring solar financing solutions to traditionally underserved markets on a national basis.Non-profits, affordable housing, and small businesses have historically been challenging markets for solar developers, and can benefit from affordable and reliable energy.

Solar for Affordable Housing: NHT-Ingenuity Power is jointly owned by the National Housing Trust (NHT) and Urban Ingenuity (UI), with the mission of bringing affordable solar to multifamily properties and developing community solar projects benefiting low-income communities. Both UI and NHT are pioneers in developing innovative transaction structures for clean energy finance that drive more benefit to community organizations, affordable housing, and low-income residents. In 2018, NHT-Ingenuity Power installed 1.4 MW of solar PV in collaboration with affordable housing owners and non-profits in the District of Columbia and Maryland. NHT-Ingenuity Power is currently developing another 10+ megawatts of solar in partnership with several affordable housing owners and other community to stakeholders around the country.

Learn more about NHT-Ingenuity Power's 1.4 MW scattered site solar project.


Resilient Solar + Storage:With specific expertise in integrating solar PV into clean energy microgrids, UI serves as a technical assistance provider to property owners and project developers seeking to add solar PV and energy storage into projects.

Read more about how UI worked with Clean Energy Group to determine the technical and financial feasibility of integrating solar with an optimized battery storage system for the DC Parkway Overlook project.


Property Owners 

UI can help identify and scope solar projects, structure financing solutions, and work with developers to get your project completed. Contact us to get started.

Solar Developers

UI can provide a financial back end for developers: structuring capital solutions, sourcing tax equity and debt to respond to customer needs to allow you to offer PPA's, PACE secured financing or optimized direct ownership. Contact us to get started.


Investing in UI’s solar finance platform is a way to create social impact that also yields competitive returns. Contact us to learn more about investment opportunities.