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Urban Ingenuity served as the lead partner in structuring the financing and technology development for the establishment of the clean energy infrastructure for the redevelopment of the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The project involved optimizing a series of Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power (CCHP) – or Tri-Gen – energy centers, integrated with extensive solar photovoltaic, district heating and cooling, and energy efficiency investments. Based on this experience, Urban Ingenuity is now serving as an advisor to other microgrid development efforts in the District of Columbia and Mid-Atlantic region, and exploring the feasibility of microgrids across the District in a study supported by the District Department of Energy and Environment.

The financial challenges facing developers of clean energy microgrids are substantial given the complexity and duration of project development, the innovative nature of the technology, and the high degree of regulatory uncertainty. Urban Ingenuity has a proven track record structuring innovative financial solutions that answer precisely these challenges, using private capital to meet deeply entrenched public needs, from energy efficiency, to affordable housing, to community economic development.

Let us serve as your development partner to structure innovative clean energy distributed energy systems and microgrids.

Case Study:  Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D.C.

Urban Ingenuity is the lead energy development partner in the design of a state-of-the-art district energy system and advanced micro-grid to serve the redevelopment of the historic campus of the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) in Washington, D.C. 

This advanced energy project will provide sustainable energy services to 3 million square feet of new and redeveloped mixed-use real estate on a 66+ acre campus in the heart of the Nation’s capital.  Working with the District of Columbia’s Local Redevelopment Authority and the master development team of Hines, Urban Atlantic, and Triden, Urban Ingenuity is overseeing all aspects of this cutting edge sustainable energy project, including financial and energy modeling, coordination of engineering and system design, management of vendor selection and development phasing, regulatory approvals, and financial structuring. 

By supporting the specialized analysis required for this complex energy project within the master development team, Urban Ingenuity is enabling the developers and the District of Columbia, to realize deep sustainability and clean energy goals that would otherwise be unattainable in a conventional redevelopment project, all while minimizing exposure to financial and technical execution risk. 


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Urban Ingenuity provides innovative financing and project development solutions to advanced energy projects, building retrofits, and state of the art infrastructure. Whether you’re a building owner, property manager, investor or project developer, Urban Ingenuity can help you cut costs, enhance financial performance, and fund your capital improvement—all while promoting environmental stewardship and increasing the resilience, security, and comfort of your property.