DC PACE Resources

Learning About DC PACE

  • DC PACE Program Overview | Download this short brochure to learn the basics of DC PACE.

  • DC PACE Program Presentation | A powerpoint with more details on DC PACE and a case study.

  • DC PACE Application Process Overview | The process from application to closing and construction.

  • DC PACE Case Studies | YWCA (low-income multifamily), Audi Field (large commercial). 

  • Mid-Atlantic PACE Alliance |The Mid-Atlantic PACE Alliance (MAPA) is a partnership between program government agencies, program administrators, and other stakeholders in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia that aims to serve as a resource for all things Commercial PACE related in the DMV.

Program Guidelines

  • DC PACE Program Guidelines | This document includes detailed guidance on eligibility requirements, program costs, the application process, and answers to frequently asked questions. The guidelines also include specific guidance to contractors and energy project developers preparing the technical component of an application. 

Resources for Potential PACE Applicants

  • DC PACE Preliminary Application | Complete this brief online intake form to confirm that your property and project are eligible for PACE. We'll send you a letter of preliminary eligibility and connect with you to talk about next steps.
  • DC PACE Registered Service Providers | Need an energy audit, a proposal from an HVAC contractor, or a quote from a solar installer? This list of DC PACE service providers includes contact information and services provided for a range of organizations that can help you develop a PACE project.
  • DC PACE Registered Capital Providers [Coming soon] | These capital providers are registered with the DC PACE program to provide financing for PACE projects. Many can also support your project development process.
  • DC PACE Full Application | Don't have a capital provider selected? Work with the DC PACE program to fill out an application, and we'll work with our registered capital providers to provide you with a range of indicative terms for PACE financing.
  • DC Sustainable Energy Utility | The DCSEU helps District residents, businesses, and institutions save energy and money through energy efficiency and renewable energy programs including technical assistance, rebates, and incentives.
  • Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Green Building Division | Assistance with compliance on DC Energy Conservation Code, Green Construction Code and Green Building Act. 

Resources for Contractors and Service Providers

  • Service Provider Registration Form | Complete this short registration form to become registered DC PACE contractor / service provider and be listed on our website.
  • Technical Application Guidance | Section IV of the DC PACE Program Guidelines is intended to provide guidance for contractors and service providers on completing a technical application.
  • DC PACE Energy Audit Worksheet | This worksheet is a required part of many PACE technical applications. See the technical application guidance for more information on when and how to use this document.
  • Boiler Light Worksheet | This worksheet is a required part of PACE technical applications for boiler replacements and other HVAC-only upgrade projects. See the technical application guidance for more information on when and how to use this document.
  • Solar Feasibility Study Requirements | This document provides guidance on a solar feasibility study, which is required for solar installation projects. See the technical application guidance for more information on when and how to use this document.
  • Template Draw Schedule | The contractor may be required to prepare a draw schedule based on the Capital Provider's template or this simple format.

Resources for Capital Providers

  • Capital Provider Registration Form | All capital providers interested in financing PACE projects in DC should submit this registration form and execute a Standard Offer Agreement with the Administrator.
  • DC PACE Standard Offer to Capital Providers| This document provides guidance to capital providers interested in financing DC PACE projects, and outlines processes for engaging with the program, and originating and closing projects. Important Note: This is a draft that is still under final review by the District of Columbia’s Department of Energy and Environment, and is posted for informational purposes only. The Administrator will post a final version, and begin the process of formally registering capital providers, upon final approval of the Standard Offer by the District.


Other Projects
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400M Solar Array


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