Washington DC PACE Commercial

Urban Ingenuity serves as the private sector program administrator for the Washington DC PACE Commercial financing program, working on behalf of the District Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE). DC PACE Commercial offers 100% financing for qualifying clean energy and water conservation projects with no out of pocket payments, saving money on utility bills and improving cash flows starting on day one.  DC PACE can provide up to a 20-year repayment term, with affordable fixed interest rates. Learn how to get started with DC PACE. 

For more information about DC PACE, please download our Program Brochure and review the DC PACE Application Process

Building Owners

If you own or manage commercial, institutional or multi-family property in the District of Columbia, DC PACE may be able to finance your energy retrofit.  Complete our initial application online to get started. 

Service Providers

If you are a contractor, energy service company, or technical expert in mechanical systems, solar installation, architecture or design, DC PACE can help you meet your clients’ needs through our Registered Contractor program.

Financial Partners

Access resources for financial institutions wishing to provide capital for clean energy projects secured with a DC PACE special tax assessment, and learn more about lender consent and financial underwriting for DC PACE.

DC PACE in 90 Seconds: 




Financing your clean energy project with Urban Ingenuity

Urban Ingenuity can help fund your clean energy infrastructure projects and building upgrades using Commercial PACE financing in many communities around the country. Our ability to serve your project will depend on the structure of the PACE program and enabling legislation in your community. This map shows where PACE programs have already been developed nationally, and the number of PACE markets is growing every day.  

PACE map

Other Projects
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400M Solar Array


Urban Ingenuity provides innovative financing and project development solutions to advanced energy projects, building retrofits, and state of the art infrastructure. Whether you’re a building owner, property manager, investor or project developer, Urban Ingenuity can help you cut costs, enhance financial performance, and fund your capital improvement—all while promoting environmental stewardship and increasing the resilience, security, and comfort of your property.